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Terms & Conditions

  1. Quotations prepared for insurance purposes will be subject to a £65.00 fee. This is none refundable.
  2. All goods/orders to be paid in full prior to ordering.  Labour charges payable directly to the fitters, by cash or bank transfer, on the day of completion
  3. Commercial installations require a satisfaction of work signature from a site supervisor/manager to sign the job off before the fitters leave the site. Invoices are then payable within 7 days of completion of work.  Any damage which arises after the job has been signed off as satisfactory, will not be our responsibility.
  4. All prices are based on work being carried out during normal working hours, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. All prices are based on work being carried out in a clear area, unless otherwise agreed.
  6. Uplift & disposal of existing flooring is not included in our fitting charges. This service can be arranged for an additional charge.  
  7. Removal & replacement of furniture is not included in our fitting charges.  This service can be arranged for an additional charge.  We will move your large items but we ask for all valuables & breakables to be removed by the customer.  Whilst every care is taken with your property, we cannot be held accountable for any damage to valuable items that should have been moved by the customer. 
  8. If a customer has agreed to clear the required areas of furniture & existing flooring themselves, charges will apply on day of installation if this has not been done.
  9. If your furniture is old/falling apart or damaged and you require us to move it, our fitters will discuss this with you on site.  In the event that by simply moving it causes further damage, we will not move it.
  10. If doors need easing, we will only remove them as a gesture of goodwill.  We can however arrange for them to be eased for you at a cost of £25 per door.  Additional charges will apply to front doors, fires doors & steel lined doors.
  11. Kick boards & side panels can be removed & trimmed on site for an additional charge.  Items that have a high gloss finish will need to be trimmed by a third party.  This can be arranged by us and a quotation arranged.
  12. No responsibility is taken for damage to pipes that are less than 1 inch below the surface. 
  13. We cannot be held responsible for damage to alarm cables where they are concealed from view or are obstructing the area we have agreed to work in.
  14. If you have an issue with squeaky floorboards and you require us to aleviate the problem, every care is taken to not puncture a pipe.  This is a goodwill gesture done by us but due to the fact the pipes are not visible to the fitter, no responsibility is taken for any leak that may arise. If the existing nails have become loose & are standing proud of the floorboards, they can be tapped back in but we will draw your attention to the fact that this can sometimes cause the plaster to pop off of the plasterboard screws to the ceiling below. This is caused by vibration.  Again, this will be discussed with you but should you still require us to carry on with the work, any remedial work the ceilings below is the responsibility of the customer. 
  15. Not all queaky floors can be rectified, we will do our best to address the issue but if they still squeak after the carpet has been fitted, this is not our responsibility.
  16. If appliances are required to be moved, there is a charge of £25 per item.  Large American style fridge/freezers and double/range ovens will incur an additional charge and are priced at the fitters discretion. No responsibility is taken for disconnection and re connection of gas appliances. We can arrange for a Corgi registered fitter to reconnect gas appliances and this will be added to our quotation.
  17. We follow all manufactorer installation guidelines from sub floor prep through to completed installation so we will not lay our hard flooring over a floor prepared by a third party. We can supply the materials for a third party to lay.
  18. We cannot foresee a sub floor condition if flooring or objects are obstructing it. Extra charges will apply should the floor need extra work when it is fully visible.  This will be discussed with the customer before any extra work commences.
  19. Any works carried out by a third party and after a quotation from us has been accepted, is subject to a further site visit to confirm measurements & floor levels.  Any further materials & labour arising from changes to the floor area by a third party will be chargeable. 
  20. Should your carpet need re stretching, this will be carried out free of charge within the first six months, as long as it hasn't been professionally cleaned or lifted.
  21. In new build installations, houses can be liable to shrinkage, especially wooden thresholds, door linings, architrave & skirting boards.  Where this may happen and the wood pulls away from the flooring, this is not a problem with the installation.  We will try and rectify the situation but we are not financially liable for the issue.  A callout charge will apply for any remedial work undertaken.
  22. All pile fabrics are liable to shading and/or pile reversal, i.e light and dark patches arising from unequal surface pressure.  This tendency is not a manufacturing fault.  No care on the manufacturer can avoid this.
  23. If we supply a product and it fails due to product failure, we will supply a suitable replacement at no cost to the customer.  Any labour costs relating to the installation will be met by Simply Carpets & Flooring.
  24. If you wish to cancel or postpone an installation, 48 hours notice is required otherwise a £50 charge will be added to the labour costs.  If we are postponed on site by other trades when we have been given a guaranteed fitting date, labour charges will be calculated for the days that we cannot work.
  25. If you wish to cancel your booking but the goods have already been delivered to us, a handling charge will apply on any returned order.  Carpets that have been cut to size are not eligable for a refund.
  26. Any products supplied by the customer and fitted by us will not be our responsibility to guarantee.  Unless we have measured the area ourselves, we are not liable for any measurements that have been calculated incorrectly.
  27. If you have supplied your own measurements for products supplied & fitted by us, we will not be liable if these measurements are incorrect. We offer a free measuring service if you are in doubt.
  28. We do not offer refunds on goods purchased through a trade or supply only service. As we do not hold stock, goods are specifically ordered for you, from our suppliers.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure their sizes are correct and not the responsibility of Simply Carpets to be left with unwanted or goods surplus to requirement
  29. We do not have a delivery service.  Goods purchased for supply only will be delivered to our Farnborough showroom and ready for collection between business hours.
  30. If there is a dispute in payment or a balance not fully honoured by a customer, any guarantee on goods fitted or the fitting service will be voided until balance has been paid in full.
  31. Any accidental damage caused by Simply Carpet & Flooring will be dealt with in a professional & speedy manner to avoid disruption to the customer. Any costs arising from damage will be met by our insurance company.  
  32. We hold full public liability insurance and a copy of our policy certificate is available on request.

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